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A greatly diminished demand has caused the discontinuation of
the live 30-hour classroom course. In it's place I am offering a 30-hour
online theory course that can be done at the student's convenience.

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Online Driver Education       $   99.00
(btw discounted if combined)


This program provides the minimum required 6 hours behind-the-wheel program administered in three, 2-hour driving lessons. Completion of a 30 hour theory class is required to meet insurance company requirements for premium discounts and license upgrades for junior drivers. Check with your insurance company for details.

  Price- $349.00
A special note about pricing.

Lurz Driver Training offers the highest quality training presently available. Our goal is to train your child to drive safely, sensibly and to have the skill and mental awareness to recognize and avoid the dangers of the road. Your child will learn to drive responsibly while enjoying the pleasures that driving has to offer... for a lifetime!

I am a highly-trained driving instructor of 23 years. Training is my profession.  I am not a high-school coach or gym or safty-ed teacher who has taken up a sideline. I have training, experience and qualifications to teach SKILLS that no other instructor can match. I impart my experiences on your child for the purpose of teaching survival on the road, not solely for the purpose of teaching parallel parking, getting them throught the driving test or getting an insurance discount. Anybody can do that. I take training seriously. I don't play games. There is no nonsense and no foolishness... no kidding!  I don't just offer services.

Training does not always come cheap. It is an invaluable resource. When trained properly, the learners will always revert back to their training when faced with a driving emergency and will meet the demand for skill and wherewithal they'll need to survive. This is what training is all about.

My prices are a little more than some, a little less than others. If you had the means to provide the absolute best for your child, would you pay $70, $80, or even $100 more.... just once.... if you thought it could make a difference... if you thought it would help keep your child safe?  With over 42,000 collisions, 20,000 serious injuries, and 284 deaths of our young drivers, and now that car crashes are the leading cause of teenage death, I think we both know the answer! IF PRICE IS WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, I WILL MATCH OR BEAT ANY OTHER PROVIDER'S VALID OFFER.

I thank you for viewing this web site. I hope by doing so you have realized the need for professional training. Furthermore, I hope you will consider selecting Lurz Driver Training  to meet your training needs.
Driving Test

We will take your child to the driving test. The student, if in school, is picked up and taken to PennDot for the test and returned to school afterwards. Key driving points are reviewed prior to the test as a final confidence builder. (A little moral support too!) The entire process, (home to PenDot, to school or back home), will take about two hours. Please note that our vehicles are not available for a driving test to any student who has not first taken at least a two-hour refresher course.

Price- $75.00

Refresher Course

LDT offers a two-hour refresher course to anyone desiring to improve their driving skills or to a new driver who desires additional practice prior to taking their road test. The course can be tailored to provide training where you think you need help.
  Price- $130.00