Lurz Driver Training
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Training Philosophy
For years, driver education, as we've known it, has been a bare bones make a right turn, make a left turn, stop the car, basic familiarization,
"okay, you-got-your-license" type of course.  In most states, this is all that is required or given to a new driver to qualify for a driver's license and subsequent insurance discount.
Is this enough? 
Since car crashes are now the leading cause of
teenage death, proper training is a must!

Lurz Driver Training is offering an expert and disciplined approach to training. A strong pro-active approach is used to instill a mindset to foresee mishap and avoid a potential problem and not become part of one. Collision avoidance maneuvering is emphasized. Training is conducted with a view towards total familiarity with the machine, removing intimidation and building the skill to handle the car with confidence, smoothness, and precision.
"It is the goal of  Lurz Driver Training to produce the best driver possible and to guide and direct the student toward a lifetime of safe, sensible, healthy and fun driving experiences. It is the promise of Lurz Driver Training to dedicate its instruction to the exacting standards a parent demands for their children."
Drive to stay alive.
About the Owner
As a former police trainer, I have trained over 4000 police officers of more than 30 local law enforcement agencies, the F.B.I. and D.E.A. in emergency vehicle operations and collision avoidance. I have also trained members of military groups in anti-terrorism driving techniques and terrorist attack recognition. I have trained members of executive security squads and motorcade operations as well as drivers of foreign dignitaries. I am dedicated to provide expert driver education and training with a view toward safe, sensible and enjoyable driving experiences.
Getting Started
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We are highly trained driving instructors with training, experience and qualifications that most can not match. We impart our experience on your child for the purpose of teaching survival on the road, not solely for the purpose of teaching parallel parking, getting them through the driving test or getting an insurance discount. Anybody can do that. Training is taken seriously. We don't play games. There is no nonsense and no foolishness... no kidding!  We don't just offer services.