Behind-The-Wheel Training
Lurz Driver Training
Reaching a Higher Standard
The Driving Problem

For years, driver training, or  “driver’s education” as we’ve known it, has been a bare bones,
“make a right turn, make a left turn, start-and-stop-the-car” basic familiarization course that
qualifies a new driver for a license. In fact, most states only require
a new driver to be proficient in just those areas.

Is this enough?


What I Offer

Lurz Driver Training is offering expert and disciplined driver training to new and experienced drivers.
I present a program with which I've had a lot of success.

A strong pro-active driving approach, is employed that develops a mind set to try to
“foresee mishap” and not become a part of the problem should one arise.

At the same time, collision avoidance is emphasized with a view towards “total familiarity
with the machine,” This will remove intimidation and build the confidence
necessary to control the car with smoothness and precision.

The Program

Lesson One-2 hours:

The student drives or, if needed, is driven to an off-road practice area to perform basic maneuvering tasks
such as parallel parking, three-point and U-turns. In most cases, if the student has already had home
practice, he or she is probably ready to then drive in areas of moderate traffic flow. The all-important
area of visual skills is introduced and expounded upon throughout the program.

Lesson Two-2 Hours:

The student learns freeway driving and practices merging and exiting the interstates as well as lane changes, high-speed passing and visual skills. On this lesson, the student will drive a prescribed length of Interstate 83 and will perform merging exercises at each of the interchanges. An excellent lesson!

Lesson Three-2 Hours:

  A second time on the highway will take the student to York City for urban driving and the Penn Dot test course. Here, the student will perform final parallel parking practice in the space where the PennDot exam is given and taken along the test routes that are used for the exam. This lesson is usually
given closer to the student's exam date and serves as a "DRESS REHERSAL".
The student is now fresh and prepared for the exam.



About the Owner

Steve Lurz is a retired Police Officer with an extensive background in driver training for more than 23 years and has
operated this school for 16 years training thousands of
York County student drivers:

Has trained over 3000 Police Officers in Emergency Vehicle Operations, defensive driving 
& collision avoidance;

Has developed training programs that resulted in significant reduction of collisions;

Trained Police Officers of more than 40 local law enforcement agencies, The FBI and DEA;

Trained members of The United States Military in anti-terrorism driving and evasive maneuvers;

Trained members of executive security squads and the The United States Secret Service
in motorcade operations;

Trained drivers of
foreign dignitaries;

Has trained and developed hundreds of other
driving instructors;

Is licensed and certified in Maryland and Pennsylvania;

Has received extensive instructor training and is considered
an expert in his field.